Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a parent will make. The best way to determine which school is best for your child is to find out as much about the school as you can. We are proud of our school and encourage all prospective parents to visit us to see the school in action.

Admission to Reception

The maximum number of places available for admission to our reception class is 30. Children are normally admitted to the reception class in the September following their 4th birthday as Foundation Stage pupils, with a special Foundation Stage curriculum. They have their own classroom and secure outdoor play area.

If you wish to apply for a place in our reception class, you will need to complete the online form:

Even if you currently have a child in our school you will still need to complete an application form.

The closing date for applications for children starting in reception in September 2021 has now passed. However, should you wish your child to take up a place in our school please contact us directly where we will be happy to discuss your application.

Applications for admission to the school for September 2022 should be made on the application form enclosed with the Local Authority’s brochure. Applications can also be ade online using the link above.

Admissions to Lancashire Primary Schools Booklet

The Local Authority is responsible for allocating places. Offers of places are issued by post and online. Successful applicants are invited to an induction meeting where they will have opportunity to view the school  before their child starts in September. At the meeting, details of school routines and procedures are shared and opportunity is given for parents to discuss information that will help their child to settle quickly and happily into school.

All children who will be joining us in the September will also be invited to pre-school taster sessions in June and July where they will meet their teacher and other staff members. They will also be able to familiarise themselves with the classroom and meet the other children who will be in their class. Parents are encouraged to support these activities so that you and your child become as familiar as possible with us, our routines, building and staff and so that your children feel confident and secure in starting school on their first day.

During the summer term our reception class teacher will visit the nuseries and/or houses of our new children due to start in September. We believe this to be an important part of our induction programme as not only does it give you and your child the chance to meet and get to know the teacher it also provides you with an opportunity to talk about any issues or concerns you may have.

We are very proud of our induction programme. We endeavour to ensure a smooth transition from home to school for all our children. Children starting our reception class in September are admitted for full days, unless as a parent you feel a more staggered start over two weeks would benefit your child. Our school operates an open door policy meaning that we are always ready to discuss any concerns parents’ may have regarding their children’s education and welfare.

Mid Term Admissions

If you are looking for a place at our school because you have recently moved into the area, or your child is at another primary school and you feel that a change of school would benefit their education and/or general wellbeing, you are entitled to apply for a school place.    Applications for entrance into other year groups can be made at any time. We do advise contacting us prior to making an application to check that there are places in the appropriate year groups.If you would like to visit our school before applying then please do contact us on Tel: 01772  421599 to make an appointment.

Year 6 Transition from Primary to Secondary

At the age of eleven, children transfer to the secondary stage of education (key Stage 3). To request a Year 7 secondary school place for September, you must make a formal application through the Admission’s Team at Lancashire County Council via their website.

Online applications for this process starts when your child moves into Year 6 and you must apply between September and 31 October. Offers are made in March.

Appeals for Admissions

Parents and carers have the right to appeal for a school place where an application has been unsuccessful. Appeals are heard by an independent panel. Further details are available on the Lancashire County Council Website.