8 July 2023
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The children in Year 5 and Year 6 blew us away with their perfect performances of 'Beauty and the Beast' this week. Over the last few weeks, all the children in upper Key Stage 2 have been working extremely hard to learn lines, lyrics and the scene changes for the show. Mr Sharkey and Mr Iddon were extremely impressed with their commitment and their aspiration to be the very best they could be and during the performances they succeeded! 

We must also thank all the Northbrook Primary Academy staff who helped make the show a success - they are a great team! In addition, the support of the Wellfield Academy staff and students allowed us to use their Arts Theatre. Finally, we must also show our appreciation to Mrs Walsh (Cammy's mum in Year 6) for the loan of the amazing costumes which no doubt helped the children get into character and made the performance look absolutely dazzling, as the photographs below quite clearly show!

Teamwork makes the dream work...#HEART #theNPAway

Beauty and the Beast 2023