In October 2019, Northbrook Primary School was visited by Ofsted. The shcool was disappointed with the Ofsted report, but did accept the issues raised by the inspector’s findings and now the school has become part of Endeavour Learning Trust we are on an exciting journey to ensure Northbrook Primary Academy is a school which Ofsted recognises to be a good school. 

Since the report we have worked hard on the good behaviour of most pupils and ensured the ethos and expectations in school are consistently high for all pupils, ensuring all children in class are able to focus on their learning. Parents, children and staff feel that the school is warm and welcoming and they are proud to be a part of its community. 

With our relatively new set of staff, we have developed a long-term improvement action plan with clear timescales to address the issues that have been identified. Progress has already been made to make sure that improvements happen both effectively and quickly, on those areas where we can do better.

We are positive that we are already well on the way to becoming an excellent school and we look forward to having the opportunity to share our progress with you. 

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