Year 6 Buddy System

Our system of 'Buddies' forms an important part of the caring community here at Northbrook Primary Academy. We carefully match our Year 6 children with children in Reception right from the very first day they enter Northbrook Primary Academy. The older children have an important role in creating a safe and happy environment, so our youngest members can settle quickly. They will spend time with them during their first few days as well as eating lunch with them and then will continue to see them on a regular basis duirng lunchtimes. The younger children quickly learn that they can approach their buddy for any problem or difficulty they may experience; the buddy will then take steps to help resolve the problems. A rota is drawn up so all buddies are on duty for one lunchtime play per week throughout the academic year.


What is their role?

  • To help all children to learn how to play cooperatively with each other.
  • To help children resolve minor conflicts.
  • Teach children to play a wider range of games.
  • Help lonely children make more friends.


We also believe that the Year 6 children receive a great beneift from working so closely with the younger children and holding a position of such responsibility. These soft skills are then built upon through other leadership opportunities within Northbrook Primary Academy and also during their secondary school journey; helping them to become the happy, empathetic and respectful young people we very much want them to be!