At Northbrook Primary Academy we believe that the best teaching for all children starts with quality first teaching, in the classroom, with support from the class teacher and support staff. 

We know that all of our children, including our AGT children and our lower ability children need to have an equal share of teacher time and support to develop their skills. We understand that a teaching assistant or teacher working with a group in the classroom is quality first teaching not intervention. 

Some of our children may need some pre- teaching or post teaching in order for them to access the curriculum and this is often best done by the teaching assistant before or after the lesson. We hope that the introduction of knowledge organisers will also involve parents in pre- teach and post teach.  

We know that some children in school will sometimes need additional support and that this can take many forms.

Intervention for our SEN children will always be evidence based programmes and clear assessment will occur at relevant points in the programme to ensure the support is appropriate. The SENCO will support teachers in identifying and delivering these programmes. 

Intervention for children who need additional support, at any ability level, will always:

  • Be discussed with the subject leader prior to commencement. 
  • Be overseen by the subject leader to ensure the support is appropriate. 
  • Start with an assessment which gives a clear indication of the current ability of the child.
  • Have a clear programme of support.
  • Be time limited.
  • Be assessed at the end of the period and its’ impact measured.