Maths at Northbrook is led by Mrs Morris.

“We want to ensure that every child in our school leaves with a love of Maths and the skills to prepare them for later life.” 


Our Curriculum Drivers 

  • HEART Values – Maths at Northbrook is an enjoyable and exciting experience that brings us happiness but also challenges us to be our very best. Through teamwork and aspiration, we can solve any problem.  

  • Literacy and Language – We use STEM sentences and mathematical talk in every maths session to learn to articulate our understanding of mathematical concepts and methodology.  

  • Community and Cultural Diversity- We aim to make links with the wider school and local community to help children understand the subject’s importance. 

  • Global Citizenship - by providing opportunities for our learning to be based in real-life contexts we engage the children’ curiosity and make them want to use maths to explore patterns; formulate ideas about the world and demonstrate the purpose of maths in order to inspire them. 

Our Aim

At Northbrook Primary Academy, we want to ensure our children have access to a high-quality maths curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable. We provide our children with a variety of mathematical opportunities, which will enable them to make the connections needed to enjoy greater depth in learning. We want to make sure children are confident mathematicians who are not afraid to take risks and fully develop independent learners with inquisitive minds who have secure mathematical foundations and an interest in self-improvement. We believe mathematics is an important part of children’s development throughout school, right from an early age. 



Our learning

Children at Northbrook we pride ourselves on our quality first teaching of Mathematics which is currently being developed alongside the ABACUS (NCETM) maths hub. Children are encouraged to develop their understanding of number and equip them with the skills to solve real life mathematical problems and challenges by following the White Rose Maths planning and resources. We focus on a progression from concrete resources to pictorial representations and finally into the numerical abstract to aid our children’s conceptual understanding. As a result, we are seeing a growth in confidence in all our learners, especially in areas of problem solving and reasoning.  Additionally, our Key Stage One children have a high focus on fluency and number which is taught through the structured Mastering Number program from the NCETM.

Arithmetic and number sense

Mastering number and Key Stage Two arithmetic sessions are delivered daily and give our children time to focus on the KIRF’s for they need to succeed alongside the regular practice of each of the 4 calculations- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

The KIRF’s for each year group are a key focus area and are repeated across the year to ensure children have a secure grasp on these essential end of year building blocks:

Times tables

TT Rockstar’s is an online educational website/ app used with Y3 to Y6 and children are encouraged to use this at home too to support their multiplication and division facts learning. 

Knowledge informed planning 

Our whole school Maths curriculum is designed to provide children with opportunities to learn and revisit key knowledge through regular retrieval practice, method rehearsal and strategy rehearsal to ensure children have a secure grasp of the three strands of mathematical knowledge.   

Declarative knowledge - facts, concepts, formulae 

Procedural knowledge - methods, procedures, algorithms 

Conditional knowledge - strategies formed from the combinations of facts and methods to reason and problem-solve