ParentApps is an award-winning education technology company. Founded by 2 parents who are passionate about helping schools and nurseries improve their parental engagement, reduce costs and save time. 

It is a simple to use platform which enables us to easily invite parents to activate their account. Once registered, parents can receive all of their information directly to their smart phone. No more searching for information online or crumpled up letters in the bottom of children’s bag.

Parentapps Connect has a whole host of features that will make staying informed about your child’s education easier than ever.



Absence reporting

Quickly and easily notify your child’s school of any absences.

Electronic consent forms

No more lost forms in the school yard or missed school trips.

Multiple family member access

Invite other family members to the app to ensure everyone is up to date.

Calendar and Term Dates

Never miss another event!

Electronic Newsletters

Stay informed of all that is happening at your child’s school right from within the app.


Receive important messages regarding your child specifically as well as group messages and whole school notifications.

Parents evening booking system

Finding a time to meet with your child’s teacher is easier than ever with Connect’s Parents Evening Booking System


Important Information:

• Please ensure that push notifications are enabled to receive messages through the app

• In order to register and login you must have received an invitation from Northbrook Primary Academy to set up a Parentapps Connect account.

• If other members of your family want to login, please ensure their email address and mobile number are also registered with Northbrook Primary Academy.

• If you experience any issues, please email or contcat the school on


The ParentApp Connect can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store.