A smart uniform is really important to us in school as it helps foster a sense of belonging and equality. Our children like to feel smart and have a sense of belonging. We wear our uniform with pride and ensure that fairness runs through the school.

We appreciate that purchasing a new uniform at once is a big expense. We moved to a new uniform in September 2021 and provided every child in school with a new NPA polo shirt, NPA jumper or cardigan, NPA PE t-shirt and NPA hoody free of charge. We continue to support our families by offering a 'free uniform bundle' to all our new starters in Reception in September.

Additional items can be purchased through our uniform supplier through the link here -

A support guide for parents can also be accessed here.

Should you have any queries about your requirements please contact Monkhouse's customer service team:

Tel: 0161 476 7216 Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm

This year we also local suppliers such as Impressions in Leyland, who could assist in these circumstances to get the uniform items you need. They can be contacted on 01772 20431431 or by visiting the Leyland Lane store.


Uniform Requirements:

All year round

  • NPA Purple sweatshirt/cardigan with embroidered school logo
  • NPA White polo shirt (plain white polo shirts are acceptable)
  • Grey skirt/pinafore, trousers of shorts 
  • White, grey or black socks, grey or black tights
  • School bag
  • An appropriate outdoor coat (children will go out for fresh air and activity even if it’s raining)
  • Water bottle (containing water only)


  • Plain sturdy black school shoes (no trainers)


  • Grey tailored shorts
  • Purple and white dress 


All clothing should be clearly labelled with the child’s name. This is especially important as uniform items look similar and can easily be confused for another child’s. It is very hard to re-unite lost property with its owner. Please remember that the school cannot accept responsibility for any lost items.

PE Kit Requirements:

In the last year we have found it beneficial for our children to attend school in their PE kit on the day they have PE. This avoids the need for them to change together in the classroom, decreases the risk of children losing clothing when they change and avoids a significant amount of time lost from PE lessons due to children changing into their kit and back. For this reason, we have now brought in a new smart PE kit which can be worn on PE days only. On other days children must wear their standard uniform.



  • NPA Purple Hoodie
  • NPA Purple PE T-shirt (round neck)
  • Plain Black shorts
  • Plain Black jogging bottoms
  • Black plimsolls (or trainers for KS2 only)


  • Children in Year 6 who go swimming will need a costume and a towel. It is the policy of Leyland Leisure Centre that all children wear a swimming cap.


Appearance Guidelines:

Make-up, Jewellery &
other items

  • In the interest of health and safety and to avoid loss, no jewellery should be worn to school. The only exceptions might be for medi-alert items and some religious artefacts.
  • We would prefer children not to wear earrings, but if they do they must be no more than one stud (not hoops or hooks) in each ear lobe.
  • Children are not allowed to wear any jewellery during PE/Forest School/Swimming lessons for Health and Safety reasons. Children must either not wear earrings on these days, be able to remove earrings themselves or cover their studs with plasters (brought from home).
  • Members of staff will not remove studs from a child’s ear.
  • Children may wear watches in school but they should be inexpensive and not ‘gimmicky’ or a 'smart' watch. School is unable to accept responsibility for loss or damage.
  • Nail polish, make up and temporary tattoos are not acceptable as part of the school uniform.
  • Sunglasses are not allowed to be worn by pupils at school unless there is a medical need to do so.
  • Children are not allowed to wear headwear during class time or inside school buildings, except for religious or medical reasons.


  • Children’s hairstyles should not be extreme and must be appropriate for school Children with hair longer than shoulder length must have their hair tied back with a suitable hair accessory, to not restrict vision, so that they can safely enjoy all activities at school.
  • Hair accessories should be discreet and in line with the colours of our school uniform. Large bows and novelty hair accessories must not be worn.


Please help us to keep our children smart by ensuring that they attend in the correct uniform and PE kit and follow the appearance guidelines above. Decisions regarding the suitability of the children's uniform and appearance lie with the Executive Headteacher or Head of School.